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Custom made products that meet your company’s needs in a simple, efficient, secure and cost effective way...

Solutions that help you create and manage your own Web page from your office...

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In Design2net we design and develop specialized products which are custom made to meet and exceed your company expectations. We develop Web applications in a simple, efficient, secure and cost effective way. Our Web developments are simple, efficient, secure and cost effective. We currently have three (3) specialized products for business, organizations and general public:

ESE Web Manager: ESE (Efficient, Simple, Economical) is a content management solution for the development and administration of websites. ESE Web Manager provides an easy way to manage editorial and graphical content froma protected administrative area that allows you to include, edit and publish the elements on your site. Now there is no need to hire a third party to update your site. If this makes sense to you, ESE Web Manager is your solution.
To learn more about ESE Web Manager press here..

D-Survey: Is the ideal tool to develop and tabulate surveys over the Internet. The results are available immediately and presented in a user friendly graphical interface. Once the user has completed the survey online, both the user and the surveyor can access the individualized and/or the accumulated results at once.
To learn more about D-Survey, press here.

D-Tasks: Is a tool for the tracking of tasks and time management of resources. It also provides the option of maintaining a record on the time, costs and assigned resources on any given project or task. The system permits different levels of use, reports and statistical graphics.
To learn more about D-Task, press here.

If you are an advertising agency or you are interested in offering your clients the benefits of our web solutions, we have licenses designed especially for you. We have offers for new and existing clients. The purchase of our licenses includes all the product’s updates and maintenance while its license is active. We frequently incorporate new features as well as clients’ suggestions.

Call us today for offres and discounts for new and existing clients at 787-620-5597 or email us:

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