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In Design2net, we focus our efforts on delivering a successful, secure, and cost-efficient solution to your business. That's why we share with you the most frequently asked questions. Within this section you will learn about our services as well as the advantages that the web can provide to your company. (see all responses)

Why is it important to bring my idea, product and/or service to the web?
Statistics from early 2011 show that there are approximately 2.08 billion internet users worldwide. With an estimated world population of 6.8 billion people, the figure reveals a market penetration of 33% or that one (1) out of every three (3) people are now connected to the Internet. That's why more businesses are incorporating their products and services to the web every day. This allows them to benefit from direct sales (E-Commerce) and/or business to business transactions. This trend will keep growing exponentially as more users get connected to the Web. Don't stay behind! Get hold of the advantages that the Web provides. Using the Internet reduces advertising costs, gives you access to international trades, increases investors’ interest, improves your business image, and provides you a communication tool between businesses and consumers.

What do I need to deploy my idea on the web?
Planning is the most important part in any developing. While doing so you should have a clear idea of the goals and requirements that you want to accomplish with your application. At least you should have the following information:
  1. Content: We suggest that you prepare a chart/diagram detailing how you want to present the content and its navigation. See figure (Flowchart) -------------->

  2. Examples: Navigate the Internet, magazines, newspapers, TV shows looking for ideas or concept that you like. The graphic artist will use these elements as a guide to create your portal and/or application.

  3. Requirements: If you want to create an application you must first create a list of the basic requirements and functions that you want to incorporate. With this information will help you create your application’s plan.

  4. Audience: Identify the audience you expect will use your application. This is extremely important at the moment of designing and preparing the navigation styles. The solution has to be simple so that your audience can use it efficiently and get results.
If you already have part or the totality of the above information, contact one of our sales representatives and we will gladly help you integrate the information to complete your development. If you still have no clue/idea of how or where to start, we are also available to help you in the process of defining your goals and achieving your objectives. Contact us at 787-620-5597 or email us at:

What technology does Design2net use?
As an E-Business and Web Development company, our development division is acquainted with customary development areas:
  1. Graphic Design: Web Sites in vector format, sound/audio presentations and animations with Flash and CSS technology.

  2. Web Programming and E-Commerce: Our developers are experts in HTML, DHTML, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS (Cascade Style Sheets), ASP (Active Server Pages), .NET, PHP, ColdFusion, WML (Wireless Markup Language), HDML (Handheld Devices Markup Language), Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, and C++, among others.

  3. Data Base: We can develop or integrate your Internet/Intranet application using MS Access, SQL, MySQL, Oracle Database or any other ODBC-compliant database.

  4. Security: On the Internet we use SSL (Secured Socket Layers) and/or integrate algorithms like AES, RC4, and HASH, among others.

  5. Online Payments: We can integrate PayPal® or SAGE Paymets, among others, to your website or application.

  6. BackOffice: We can connect your site to back-office systems like Quickbooks®, PeachTree®, SAP® and AS400® systems, among others.

Do I need to register a Domain Name (Internet Address)?
It's very important that you have your Domain Name registered. If haven't done so yet, we can help you complete the registration process. Contact one of our account executives today; and we will gladly help you get your Internet Name. Call us today at (787) 620-5597 or email us at:

Where do I host my site and/or application?
If you already have a Web hosting provider or an adequate network infrastructure, we will help you coordinate the necessary requirements to ensure that your solution will work properly. If you don’t have a Web hosting provider or an adequate network infrastructure, do not worry. In Design2net we have a robust infrastructure to provide you security and stability while hosting your Web page. We offer services like DNS, Email, FTP and Web, among others. We provide dedicated, virtual and physical infrastructure. We possess a broad wideband and redundant access to the Internet delivered over dedicated copper, fiber or wireless connections. Our goal is that your Web page is always accessible. Our record is of 99% Up and Running!

What about errors?
The impression your customers have of your online services is vital for the development’s success or failure. Statistics show that 90%, or nine (9) out of every ten (10) users, that experience an error during an online transaction think that their personal information could be at risk or that the service provided is not efficient and/or secure. Out of these, about 40% possibly will not return to your page and/or use your services again. There’s no second chance. You must choose a company whose experience and commitment supports your effort and assists to promotes your way to success.

What's the Warranty?
In Desing2net your satisfaction is our priority. All of our developments have a minimum warranty of one (1) year. Our goal is to provide you an efficient and error-free solution. Any error in your development resulting from the implementation and development of the source code will be corrected by Design2net free of charge. Our objective is to guarantee you a secure and error-free source code. To learn more about our warranty, contact one of our account executives today. Call us today at (787) 620-5597 or email us at

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